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Make a booking at Sydney Vasectomy - Dr Mark Elvy - for your Vasectomy

Booking your Non Scalpel Open Ended Vasectomy with Dr Mark Elvy


  • Email us at SydneyVasectomy@gmail.com
  • Call 02 6658 0222 during business hours and speak to our trained staff
    Call 02 6658 0222 during business hours and speak to our trained staff
  • or
  • Online Booking:

If you wish to book your non scalpel Vasectomy procedure online with Dr Mark Elvy, please ensure you have downloaded and read the "Vasectomy pack" by

Going to

  1. SydneyVasectomy.com.au website Downloads page and click Vasectomy Pack.
  2. Select your vasectomy pack to download
  3. Read the vasectomy pack (overview, F.A.Q, pre-operative and post-operative information, location and cost).
  4. Print out
    1. Page 7 Pre-operative Instructions
    2. Page 9 Consent form
  5. Please check Availability by clicking HERE - you will need a selected date when filling out the form.
  6. Now fill out and send our Online Booking Form below.

Sydney Vasectomy Online Booking Form

Enter the code shown above:

Once you have sent in this form ..
by clicking the 'Continue' button then 'Submit' ..
We will allocate you a consultation followed immediately by the procedure.
We will contact you by your preferred method.

You need then to CONFIRM your appointment within 48 HOURS of us contacting you. If we do not hear from you within that time, we will assume you do not wish to proceed.

CONFIRMATION can be done by:

Email: SydneyVasectomy@gmail.com
Phone: 02 6658 0222
Phone: 02 6658 0222
click to call: 02 6658 0222

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We use the Non scalpel Vasectomy technique.


  • Fewer complications
  • Less discomfort
  • Minimally invasive
  • No external stitches or sutures needed
  • Quicker recovery
We use the Open ended Technique.


  • Reduced incidence of post Vasectomy pain.
We use the advanced technique of fascia interposition.


  • Proven lower failure rate

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